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Constant Feeder

Processing capacity: 0-40t/h

Feeding size: <10mm

Applied material: feeding material

Constant Feeder:


Constant feeder is widely used in industries of metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical, electric power, foodstuffs, machinery, and etc. It can feed granular material and powder material uniformly, continuously and quantificationaly to receiving units. And it is especially good at automatic feeding ingredients, quantitative packaging, and production process automation system, and high feeding requirement area, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Constant feeder structure is simple,easy to operate,without profit-oriented,small power consumption;can even adjust the volume to the mine;has therefore been widely used.

Constant feeder can put massive,granular materials from hopper evenly,continuously and evently feeding material to avoid the crusher by the mouth of the plug.Subject to change and control the flow,easy to operate.

Constant feeder is composed of the production line,mineral production line, production line is one of important equipment,the box-type feeder on the second production line is one of important equipment,the box-type feeder on the second production line,silos used to do,adjust the motor speed through the gate or feed,machine to ensure uniform feed rate.