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Double Shaft Mixer

Processing capacity: 20-40t/h

Feeding size: <5mm

Applied material: powder material

Double Shaft Mixer:


This machine is used to stir mixture of raw materials. It is the preparatory work for molding machine, its purpose is to evenly stir the mixture and make it more densely. This double shaft mixer is mainly used for various powdery materials, such as clay, shale, coal gangue and fly ash, etc. which can well stir materials. It is the important equipment in brick making production.

Technical Parameter:

1. Light homogeneous modified fire insulation board production equipment Biaxial mixer speed adjustable, stirring evenly, the reaction of magnesium oxide more thoroughly, the strength increased by about 10%

2. Cutting operation is simple and effort. Tube wall without residue, easy to clean. Using a macro design, mixing the blade and the cylinder wall from the small, so that the slurry can not be attached to the wall. By changing the number of stirring blades and stirring the area and angle of the page, completely solve the end wall sticky material and the end of the problem of uneven mixing, easy to clean.

3. Mixing speed, high efficiency. Biaxial counter-rotation, cross-mixing, forced mixing, stirring speed, more than the average mixer to improve the efficiency of several times.

4. Biaxial mixer is durable. Large amount of steel and heavy, so that it is not easy to wear. Greatly extend the useful life, while reducing noise. Stirring without dead ends, mixing barrel with optimized design. Each corner can be stirred, will not remain dry material group.

5. High yield, save a lot of manpower, energy saving and environmental protection, saving raw materials, production greatly improved.

Using two symmetrical spiral axis of the synchronous rotation, in the transport of dry ash and other powder material while stirring water, evenly wet dry powdery powder material, so that the humidified material does not take dry ash and not will be the purpose of seepage of water droplets, so as to facilitate the humidified ash truck transport or transfer to other transportation equipment.