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Mesh Belt Dryer

Processing capacity: 1-30t/h

Feeding size: <80mm

Applied material: coal briquettes, bulk material, etc.

Mesh Belt Dryer:


Mesh belt dryer is one kind of batch, tunnel type continuous production drying equipment. Mainly used for better breathability platy, strip and bulk material drying process. Heating source is power, steam and hot air. Main principle is to lay material on mesh belt evenly first, and then mesh belt is dragged by transmission device to move back and forth inside dryer, hot air flow up and pass through material, water vapor get out from vent hole, finally reach to drying purpose. Mesh belt adopts 1.5-3mm steel wire. Dryer length is equipped based on specified capacity. Our regular model is single layer, three layers and five layers. According to working site space, choose different layers to dry material. 

Technical Parameter:

Build a furnace in your place, then heat wood or coal as power, when the wood or 

coal burning, it will produce hot air. The dryer machine have a draught fan, it will draw on the hot

air go though the dryer. In the top of the dryer machine, it has a in-put door, you can put the coal 

briquettes, then the coal briquettes will down to the belt. This dryer also have a driving motor, the

speed of the driving motor is adjustable, you can control the speed of the belt. 

1. What kind of material can be dried by mesh belt dryer?

Answer: Nearly all kinds of lump and chips material can be dried by our mesh belt dryer such as wood chips, leaves, coal briquettes, charcoal briquettes, iron pellets, etc.

2. What kind of fuel can be used with the mesh belt dryer?

Answer: Diesel, natural gas, coal, wood chips and other kind of fuel are OK.

3. What's the drying temperature of the mesh belt dryer?

Answer:Drying temperature of the mesh belt dryer is adjustable. It varies from 70 to 350 C.

4. How long will the briquettes stay in the mesh belt dryer?

Answer:Normally the drying time will be about 50-120 minutes.

5. Is the belt speed adjustable?

Answer: Yes, the belt speed is adjustable to make sure it can dry material with differnt moisture.